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Macramé is the art of decorative knotting.You knot any macramé bags ,sterling jewelry ,gardan hang, pot hanger,baskets,animals,small birds,hanging table,household items,macrame Bracelets and macramé wall hangings.This is my old day hobby i knot so many bags,flowers baskets,and hand money pursee.This hand crafted is good timepass.

What's Macramé? I
t's the art of tying knots in yarns without using needles or hooks.
By varying the knots, their position or the kind of yarn used, your work will easily fit your individual needs perfectly.
Noticing a lack of introductory lessons on the Web, I have put together a few pointers to lead you into the relaxing skill of Macramé. To start, all you need, thic woolen yarn ,non-stretching yarn such as string or embroidery thread ,any nylon rope .nylon wire.Those day my mum knot thic coton yarn .

1-Adding a cord
Sometimes you will need to introduce new cords to make the work wider or to add coloured yarns.Sometimes a cord breaks or becomes shorter because it has been used more than the others in knotting.
Just slip in a new cord as a filler in a flat knot or secure it within a couple of neighbouring double half hitches.
2-Subtracting a cord
Just leave it hanging at the back of the work and work it in later. Or knot over it by using it as an extra filler cord inside a flat knot.
Wrap the yarn thickly around a firm piece of plastic or cardboard. The length of this should be the same as the desired height of the tassel. Tie a cord around the whole bundle to hold all the strands together and then cut them all at the other end of the bundle. Near this bound end, tie the bundle up in a collecting cord. Trim the ends of the strands evenly
Finishing your work can be done in various ways depending on its use.
For instance strands could be a fringe or be gathered in groups to form tassels.Or the ends could simply be turned over to the wrong side and sewn in.Beads could be pulled through the cords or a decorative wooden bar could be tied to them. Perhaps the strands could simply be cut and allowed to flow freely.

Knot Tutorials
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