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The guild's library of knitting books, magazines.
  • The Handknitters HandbookBook: encyclopedia of techniques
  • Alice Starmore, Sweaters for Men Book: knitting patterns
  • Margaret Stove, Handspinning, Dyeing and Working with Merino and Superfine Wool Book: includes some knitting patterns, mostly lace
  • Meg Swansen, Meg Swansen's Knitting - 30 Designs for Handknitting Book: knitting patterns, most published in Wool Gathering
  • Patti Tittizer, Knitted Dishcloths and WashclothsBooklet: knitting patterns for beginners
    Gabi Tubbs, Knitting Now Book: knitting patterns
  • Vogue Knitting Magazines: from spring 1987 to winter 1993. Also older magazines from 1950-1969.
  • Barbara Walker, Knitting from the Top Book: top-down sweater knitting
    1. A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Book: Knitting stitch patterns
    2. A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns Book: knitting stitch patterns
    3.A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns Book: knitting stitch patterns
    4.A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns Book: knitting stitch patterns
  • Erica Wilson, Erica Wilson's Knitting Book Book: knitting patterns
  • Nancie Wiseman, The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques
  • Elizabeth Zimmermann, Knitting Workshop, Vols. 1, 2, 3 Video: Construction details and techniques; same material as book
    1. Knitting Workshop Book: construction details and techniques, same material as video
    2. Knitter's Almanac Book: knitting patterns and general information
    3. Knitting Around Book: autobiography with patterns
    4. Knitting Without Tears Book: circular seamless knitting
  • Barbara Abbey, The Complete Book of Knitting Book: knitting techniques
  • John Allen, Fabulous Fair Isle Book: some history, charted fair isle charts and some garments
  • American Thread Company, Begin to Knit Booklet: star book #201
  • Lee Anderson, Abstracts and Images Book: knitting patterns
  • Sue Bradley, Cotton Collection Book: knitting patterns - cotton sweaters
  • Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks, New Twists on Classic PatternsBook, Interweave Press 2005
  • Sandy Carr, , The Knit Kit, Knitting and Designing Book: how to, designing, knitting
    -- Knitting - A Step by Step Guide Book: newer edition of Knit Kit
  • Amy Carroll, Ed, The Sweater Book Book: knitting patterns
  • Rae Compton, The Complete Book of Traditional Knitting Book: how to and some patterns
    Lory Cosgrove, Picture Knits Book: knitting patterns, also suitable for bulky machine knitting
  • Sarah Don, Fair Isle Knitting Book: history, pictures, examples
  • Sally Anne Elliott, Creative Machine KnittingBook: machine knitting patterns, can be used by hand knitters
  • Mary Anne Erickson, Knitting by Design Book: how to design in knitting
    Family Circle, Sensational Fashions and Crafts Book: knitting and crochet patterns
  • Kaffe Fassett , Glorious Knits Book: knitting patterns
    -- Glorious Color , Vols. 1,2Video: discusses his design methods and sources of inspiration
  • Jacqueline Fee, The Sweater Workshop Book: knitting construction techniques
  • Liz Gemmell, Knitting for Your Home Book: knitting patterns for rugs and pillow tops
  • Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Knitting in the Old Way Book: knitting construction techniques
  • Barbara Goldstein, All Sweaters in Every Gauge Book: knitting and crochet patterns, build you own charts and fill in the blanks
  • Vivan Hoxbro, Domino-KnittingBook: Japanese edition, 2001
  • Margaret Heathman, Knitting Languages Book: knitting term glossary; several languages translated to English
  • Stephen and Carol Hubel, Country Knits II Book: knitting patterns - picture sweaters
    Marianne Kinzel, First Book of Modern Lace Knitting ,Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting Books have patterns for lace doilies and larger projects
  • Knitter's Magazine Magazine: 2 copies of lace knitting patterns (done before new shawls book came out)
  • Patty Knox, New Directions in Fairisle Knitting Book: knitting patterns
  • Donna Kooler, Encyclopedia of Crochet Book: history, reference, patterns, and stitch patterns
  • Cynthia Le Count, Andean Folk Knitting Book: pictures, history, folklore
  • Vibeke Lind, Knitting in the Nordic Tradition Book: Knitting construction and history
  • Jane Lippmann, Knitting on the InternetBooklet: knitting websites, and patterns on the net
  • Ann L. Macdonald, No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting Book: knitting history
  • Claudia Manley, Sweaters for Men, Women, & Children Book: knit & crochet patterns for Caron yarns
  • Linda Mariano, The Encyclopedia of Knitting and Crochet Stitch Patterns Book: stitch pattern collection, with some patterns Sheila McGregor, Complete Book of Traditional Scandinavian Knitting Book: history, garments and color work charts
    1..Traditional Knitting Book: history
  • J. Marsha Michler, Design and Knit the Sweater of Your Dreams Book: Sweater Design techniques
  • Jean Moss, The Jean Moss Book of World KnitsBook: sweater patterns
  • Mary Walker Phillips, Creative Knitting: A New Art Form Book: wall hangings, history, description, photos, no patterns
  • Chellie Pingree, et al., Maine Island Kids Book: sweater patterns ,Maine Island Knits Book: sweater patterns
  • Christine Probert, Ed., More Knitting from Vogue Book: knitting patterns
  • Maggie Righetti, Knitting in Plain English Book: how to, construction, some patterns
    -- Sweater Design in Plain English Book: how to design your own sweater
  • Helene Rush, Head to Toe Book: knitting patterns - small items
  • Richard Rutt, A History of Hand Knitting .




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